Brews, Clues and Running Shoes



Teams of 2 to 4 (everyone must be 21 or older) compete in a series of challenges and ultimately race for the win! It is part race, part trivia, part photo hunt and part challenge. There is no set course but you can expect to go between 5 and 7 miles…we’ve had some of our teams do waaaay more, but they were just, confused! You may travel by foot or by public transportation (Lanta) there are no cabs, bikes, or rides from friends or strangers allowed! Teammates must stay together at all times.

Register Now

What to Expect

What do you need:

1.  A team of 2-4 people.  Registration is $40 per person, but goes up, so don’t wait!

2. A phone or digital camera so you can take pictures as you go

3. All challenges can be completed without spending any money but some may opt for bus fares, small items, etc.  The more creative, the less money…

What do you get:

1. All team members get a t-shirt that must be worn during the race  (those who register after shirt cut-off will be instructed to wear a specific color)

2.  All participating bars will offer drink specials

3. Prizes for winning and by random chance

4. A crazy fun day

Key Dates

September 1
Price Increase


Registration price increases to $45

September 30
Price Increase

Price increases to $50 for those last-minute stragglers (closes at 1 PM)

October 1st
Event Day!

Today is the day!!

Event Day Schedule

October 1, 2022

11 AM – 11:45 AM

Check-in at a location at Bru Daddy’s in Allentown

11:45 AM – 12 PM
Event Briefing

All team members must be present for check-in and the pre-race meeting/debrief

12 PM – 3 PM
The Race is on!


Run and search through Allentown — but most of all — have fun!  Remember, All team members must stay together during the whole event.

3:00 pm
Course Closes / AFTER PARTY!


Join us for the after party!  If you solved all the clues…you know where we are.  Are you lost?  You can call in to hunt us down to join the fun.  All staff members leave the course posts at 3:00 PM.   Prizes awarded, drink specials and live music.

Where It’s At

BRU Daddy’s Brewing Company

732 Hamilton Street

Allentown, PA 18101

Limited to 100 teams!